There comes a time in everyone’s life for promotion. An expansive experience, if treated as such.

Promotions are not necessarily upgrades, but they can be, depending on our own willingness to face newfound responsibility. Most likely it's a combination of pain and pleasure, both endearing and endangering. …

Dear Brother,

So here we are on the day of your birth,

and I have one very little gift to give you.

The thing with this gift,

to be completely honest,

it’s a gift you once gave to me and I just rewrapped it.

I know it sounds cheap, but…


I guess I experienced quite an iconic moment as a writer if I should identify myself as such. Is that arrogant of me?

I say who really cares.

We might as well create an identity we want because everyone is too busy creating their own to go about fact-checking yours…

// The darkest material humankind has invented — enabling light.

Milano, Italy

Lost Sight in Light.

The lightbulb has become this universal symbol for ideas. “Light” has been crowned the solution, and “darkness” the evil stepmother dethroning light. Plot twist, light is more often found in the dark.

It all begins and ends in the dark…

Eudaimonia // the achievement of one’s highest purpose.

I stumbled upon this website today, as I often do lurking around as an anonymous intruder, latching onto the invisible corners of the universe. I dove in deeper, shutting out the world, to try to solve its problems in isolation, devoid of…

In honor of the great philosophers who once searched for truth during a time when thinking was punishable by death and as a gift to the remaining freethinkers in a world that tries to constantly convert originals into averages, Quantum Red was born.

Mission: Decommodyfying Human Minds

The New Manifesto

Quantum Red is an underground network of…

What a year… it’s crazy to think it’s over considering it feels like it just got started. What was supposed to be a year of execution transformed into a year of pure exploration. Unexpectedly, I found myself drifting aimlessly around the world with an itinerary drafted by the Universe. My…

Ellen Gunnarsson

Ranked #7 Future Leader of Sweden. Originally from Stockholm, but raised abroad in San Diego, San Francisco, & Barcelona, world citizen and rebel.

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